Maples boosts Olympics group

Maples and Calder has bought $10,000 worth of raffle tickets to help out the Cayman Islands Olympic Fundraising Committee.

Betty Baraud

Betty Baraud, Chairperson of the Olympic Fundraising Committee, receives a cheque from Paul Lumsden, Partner of Maples and Calder. From left are Mark Matthews, partner of Maples and Calder; Ninfa Arellano, secretary of the Olympic Fundraising Committee; Betty Baraud, Paul Lumsden; and Lori Powell, vice president of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee.

Should any prizes be won by the 100 raffle tickets purchased, they will be donated to the Pines Retirement Home.

Sue Nicholson, manager of The Pines, explained the way in which these prizes will directly benefit the Pines.

‘If we were to win one of the prizes, although I am sure many would like to drive the car or use the airline tickets, we would sell the prize and put the money towards our continued hurricane relief operation and future expansion programme,’ Mrs. Nicholson said.

This is not the first time that Maples and Calder has donated to the Pines, either. They already have a pledge of US$1 million over a period of two years in place. Anthony Travers, Senior Partner at Maples and Calder, explained their connection with the Pines.

‘The firm has…actively supported The Pines for over a decade. Julian Reddyhough, one of Maples and Calder’s Partners has been on the board of the Pines for 10 years, the last three as chairman,’ he said.

‘The Pines forms an important part of the fabric of this island…we are delighted to give our financial assistance to this important project, which reflects our commitment and support to the people of the Islands.’

Mrs. Nicholson acknowledged this ongoing assistance.

‘Once again, we must thank Maples for their continued support to the Pines.’

The CIOFC has been set up to support aspiring young Caymanian athletes in their quest to compete at the next Olympic Games and the raffle is one of their key initiatives in raising funds.

‘The committee’s key focus is on trying to generate as much support as possible to help our islands’ finest athletes realise their dream of competing in the Olympics,’ commented Chairperson of the CIOFC, Ms Betty Baraud.

‘It is crucial that we gain the support of businesses and we are delighted that Maples, one of three of our Gold Sponsors, has come on board with such a generous donation. The money will be put towards training and qualification events and takes us a step closer to Beijing,’ Ms Baraud said.

This donation to the CIOFC and support of the Pines Retirement Home is part of Maples’ wider initiative to provide financial support to local communities throughout the Cayman Islands.

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