Poll: graded at C minus

A little more than one year into its term, the People’s Progressive Movement was graded fair to poor by the majority of respondents to the most recent caycompass.com on-line poll.

Of the 272 respondents to the two-week poll, 32 (11.8 per cent) rated the PPM’s performance in its first year as excellent, 58 (21.3 per cent) rated it good, 63 (23.2 per cent) rated it fair, 75 (27.6 per cent) rated it poor, and 44 (16.2) gave the PPM a failing grade.

When the grades are converted to numerical values, the resulting average of 1.84 would correspond to a grade of C minus.

There were fewer comments made by respondents than in most polls.

Even those who thought the PPM was doing a good job had some reservations.

‘They’ve tackled some long-standing problems with good plans, and are much more transparent than the last government, but can we afford their spending?’ commented on respondent.

‘I would have rated them excellent if the PPM were actively dealing with the cost of living,’ said another person. ‘However they aren’t, so their performance has just been good.’

The rollover policy was also on the minds of several respondents.

‘(The PPM) have done a lot of good, but it has all been overshadowed by the mess they are making with the rollover policy, which is affecting businesses, Caymanians, expatriates and the entire economy of the islands,’ said one respondent.

‘It was claimed the last government gave away too much to the ex-pat community,’ said another person. ‘This government seems determined to eliminate the ex-pat community. Is there no middle ground?’

Some of the other short comments included ‘Fair, but a little sluggish in a few areas,’; ‘The world was not made in a day,’; and ‘The only good thing is the changing of George Hicks High School.’

One person who gave the PPM a failing grade had a cynical view. ‘(The PPM is) as bad as the previous lot. All this talk about preserving old-time Cayman values – wasn’t honesty one of those values?’

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