Community group assists recovery

The Self Help Community Foundation recently lent a helping hand to the National Recovery Fund by donating $1,000 it raised through a fundraising project.

The cheque was presented to Executive Director of tge NRF, Dr. Mark Laskin by the Foundation’s CEO JC Connor and Chairman James Myles.

The money for the donation came from the proceeds of the Youth Arts Exposition, a fundraising event put on annually by the Self Help Community Foundation. Last year’s art exposition benefited the disabled.

‘The Foundation’s aim is to help people help themselves and we recognize that it is impossible to do that if their basic needs such as housing are not met,’ Mr. Myles said.

The Self Help Community Foundation is also engaged in a youth empowerment programme that provides scholarships to deserving students. The foundation also provides assistance to ‘late bloomers’ taking on GED studies.

‘This donation to the Recovery Fund represents what the Foundation is about – to help people, and is our way of helping our community’s rebuilding efforts,’ stated Mr. Connors, who also expressed his thanks to all of the sponsors who donated to the foundation to make the arts exposition a success.

Dr. Laskin thanked the Foundation for its support and said that it would help in meeting areas of need, particularly for families with young children.

The National Recovery Fund was established on 23 September 2004 to provide relief for persons adversely affected by Hurricane Ivan through its housing recovery programme aimed at restoring families to suitable living conditions.

The Fund is a private independent trust that relies solely on donations to carry out its programmes.

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