Nurses are special people

I would like to convey a few words of recognition and admiration for those hard-working, self-sacrificing mortals known to us as medical nurses; wonderful people who in their unceasing efforts to provide health and comfort to the sick and suffering, often under the most indescribable conditions with no amenities.

Often they are armed only with their God-given sharpness of mind to understand body language, interpret the groans and grunts of the wounded and the dying on the battlefields and slums to being able to understand and professionally use the most intricate state-of-the-art equipment being presented to the medical field in this dotcomology era.

What other group of people is so adept at concealing their emotions when dealing with some cantankerous patient like myself.

No wonder our modern-day Florence Nightingales and Clara Bartons are my favourite people. I shudder to think what this world would be like without nurses. My sincere prayer is that they blessings of the divine provider be extravagantly bestowed upon them.

Vincent A. McBride

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