Scholars sweeps FA Cup and Foster’s League

In 2006, Scholars International celebrated their 28th year in existence. This year has been a year filed with celebration. Scholars won the FA Cup final over Money Express on May 21st 2006 and only one week later they came out on top in the prestigious Foster’s National League on Sunday, 28th May with a 2:1 victory over George Town Sports Club.

Scholars players David Reid and Carlos Andrade scored one goal each with Andre Morgan scoring for George Town. The crowd of over 1,000 spectators was treated to a competitive game between George Town and Scholars at the Annex Field.

Colin ‘Dougie’ Rowe, Scholars Assistant Coach/Player said that the team trained especially hard for their game against Money Express as their goal was to win both the FA Cup and the Foster’s National League. They were both mentally and physically prepared as Money Express is a strong aggressive team; Scholars capitalized on their weaknesses and as a result were victorious.

With regard to the League Championship, ‘Dougie’ commented that ‘George Town and Scholars have respect for each other and competed as two experienced team with quality players.’ Scholars began the season on shaky ground and were criticized for not playing well together as a team. However, during the season the team came together, played well and is now reaping the fruits of their hard work. Dougie also stated that though Scholars worked hard to achieve their goals the game was not a ‘walk over’ and they had to fight for the Championship. ‘We were ready!’ he says ‘the team showed real character.’

As Assistant Coach ‘Dougie’ would like to congratulate the President, Manager, Coaches, Players and Fans. He says, ‘They were there for the team and I hope next season will be the same.’

Scholars International Coach, Antonio Smith says his team is elated to have won both the FA Cup and the Foster’s National League this year, ‘people thought Scholars was finished but we’ve proved them wrong.’ Coach Smith is pleased to see his team back on top. In the League Final they kept possession of the ball, defended their goal well by marking their opponents, played aggressively and turned opportunities into goals which were the main factors which established them as Champions.

Coach Smith would like to thank the following: Scholars Assistant Coach, Colin ‘Dougie’ Rowe, U-14 Boys, Women’s Team and their coaches; Coach Swaby and Coach Armando, the players and staff, for their hard work and dedication all season. Special thanks to the Sponsors: Mario & Sons, Tony’s Toys and CUC.

On behalf of Scholars International, Coach Smith thanked their supporters in particular Kelsey Ebanks, ‘Mikey’ and Ashley ‘Laza’ Francis, who attended every training session and never missed a game.

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