CASA anniversary message

It is my great privilege as Minister of Health and Human Services to congratulate Cayman Against Substance Abuse for remaining vigilant in promoting a drug free lifestyle for the past 20 years.

Since its foundation in 1986, with a mission ‘to provide a safe and drug-free passage for the children of the Cayman Islands, by strengthening the adults that surround them,’ CASA has been operating under a very noble objective to inspire, motivate and protect our present and future generations so that they are free from the addictive embrace of drugs.

I would like to commend everyone who has had any role in supporting CASA in achieving its mission. As a Minister, Member of the Government, and as an individual, I honour all those who persevere in standing against drug abuse. The fight against drug abuse is crucial – we need all involved, whether through personal example, contributed time or invested funds.

I herald the call today for the whole society – all of us – to act with common will and determination. My appeal to you is that we define our roles with the same focused energy that CASA has demonstrated during the last 20 years.

Looking back, I can say with confidence that over the past two decades CASA, has largely fulfilled its mission. CASA has provided high quality programmes to promote a drug-free state in our society and has broken barriers in educating the public about the direct and indirect threats of drug abuse.

Nevertheless, society’s response to drug abuse has to come from all directions. Young people learn from example, so the message has to come from parents, teachers, role models, and national leaders who disavow drug abuse publicly and in their private lives as well.

I would therefore like to appeal to CASA and all agencies involved in drugs abuse prevention and rehabilitation to join hands and continue the tough fight for a drug-free society. I am also appealing to the international community to appreciate and continue to support our programmes on combating drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking.

In the context of this threat, I am happy that CASA is enlarging its youth activities via a newly appointed Youth Coordinator to the Sister Islands and that the organisation will continue to work in collaboration with other agencies in the Cayman Islands and abroad.

While much has been achieved after its two decades of unrelenting struggle, I trust that CASA will continue with the same dedication and spirit as shown in the past. I wish for CASA’s members and supporters much continued blessings from your efforts.

Finally I call on our young people to resist the temptation of drugs. Do not allow yourself to be misled by a life of destruction and tears. Remain vigilant and aware of the dangers of drugs so that your future and that of the Cayman Islands will be drug free.

Happy Anniversary, CASA.

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