Mosquito control tips

With the onset of the rainy season Mosquito Research and Control Unit officials are seeking the public’s assistance in keeping the mosquito population at a minimum.

Basic tips or requests being made of householders and business owners are:

Keep containers in- and outdoors free from water.

Turn over buckets or any other containers that can catch rain water.

Drain plant pot trays.

Ensure that tyres are not out in the rain or filled with water. If possible these should be cut in half and stored with the tread side up.

Remove junk and anything that might fill with water when it rains such as tarpaulins and pet watering dishes.

Clear gutters to ensure proper drainage.

Screen off water barrels.

These areas, if left unattended, will provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. With nowhere to breed, numbers can be kept to a minimum. MRCU crews will continue to treat and survey yards throughout the season.

For more information contact the MRCU at 949-2557.

Mosquito Facts

MRCU has been fighting mosquitoes in Cayman since 1965. The first truck-mounted fogger was up and running for the start of the 1966 mosquito season. Aerial Operations began in 1972.

There are more than 35 different types of mosquitoes found in the Cayman Islands, some more common than others. There are about six main types that are seen on a weekly basis.

Grand Cayman holds the record for the most mosquitoes caught in a light trap in one night. In May 1974 a trap in Bodden Town caught 793,103 mosquitoes. It took more than two weeks to count and identify them all. The staff member who sorted this catch is still an active member of the team today.

The MRCU has a sister unit on Cayman Brac which is responsible for local truck-mounted fogging, port disinsection, monitoring and surveillance

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