Broadcasters, CMEA meet

Representatives of many of the radio stations on Grand Cayman met with representatives of the Cayman Musicians and Entertainers Association on Tuesday afternoon in an effort to resolve the issue of playing songs of local musicians on the radio.

The issue of radio play for local musicians has been contentious for years, but has been raised again vigorously by CMEA recently.

Randy Merren, managing director of Hurley’s Entertainment Corporation said there were representatives of Z-99, Rooster, Vibe, Spin, Radio Cayman and Heaven 97 at the meeting.

‘We just want to get this behind us,’ Mr. Merren said. ‘We want to support local musicians.

Although he would not get into specifics of what was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting, Mr. Merren said the attendees came up with ideas and guidelines at the roundtable-like discussion.

‘We’ve asked everyone to send in their notes and when we get all of those, we’ll draft a [Memorandum of Understanding],’ he said.

In April, Minister of Communications Arden McLean encouraged broadcasters to draft a Memorandum of Understanding with regard to the playing of music produced by local musicians. One broadcaster, dms Broadcasting, which operates three local stations and is attempting to obtain a fourth, has strongly resisted the effort on the grounds that airplay is private property and only the broadcasters should be able to choose what is played.

A dms representative was not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

CMEA president Clive Rosteing called the meeting very productive.

‘Everyone seemed to want to cooperate and get this thing moving forward,’ he said. ‘The broadcasters seem to want to satisfy the local musicians.’

Mr. Rosteing said there were a lot of specifics still to be worked out, and he was unsure if the issue would ever be totally resolved.

‘But I saw the meeting as positive step forward,’ he said.

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