Take a look at gluttony

I would like to suggest that religious leaders consider discussing the meaning of gluttony.

Surely the definition of that sin would include eating wild sea turtle, grouper and other endangered species.

The filling of the stomachs of otherwise wealthy and well-fed people is not justification for ignoring an inconvenient truth.

There are not enough of these rare animals left for anyone to consider eating them – and further, it is the wealthy and privileged – with access to information and the ability to understand the serious implications of extinctions – with boats, spear-guns and expensive equipment – who are often the worst offenders.

It is when people are faced with choices that actually demand a change in behaviour – and when they refuse to accept the clear facts that they cannot continue to do things that were not harmful 20 years ago, but today can mean real damage done to struggling vestige populations, that their true moral fibre is tested.

Many rise to the challenges and find new approaches that benefit themselves and the communities they live in.

Times change.

So must we. It may not be easy to accept for some people, but just because we wish something wasn’t true, doesn’t mean we can ignore it.

Michael Paulos

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