Beware Builder’s Bill

I have read the Builder’s Bill as it appears on the government website and find that in its present form, it stands to cause many problems while it prevents very few.

The only people that stand to gain from this monstrosity are lawyers, a few of the licensees who may be able to charge excessive prices due to crushing competition from young entrepreneurs, and by employers using their own staff to do minor works.

The bill appears to be based on one that offers no respect for free enterprise or for freedom of the general public.

The bill appears so restrictive that if a school boy or other person with limited skill changed a door lock for a neighbour or for his church, he would be breaking the law.

While the licensing of contractors may have some merit, this bill seems to be taking it much too far and lacks due exemptions and consideration for the level of freedom that makes our island a desirable place to live.

I urge every member of the Legislative Assembly to study the bill very carefully and to either squash the bill completely or modify it to where it may serve a useful purpose without creating unnecessary hardships and enriching lawyers at the expense of the poor.

Free enterprise and the efforts of semi-skilled people must not be stifled or trampled.

If the bill is passed in its present form, it will become a monster that will haunt and harass the people of these islands from now on.

Burnard Tibbetts

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