Good Taste goes global

The publishers of the Good Taste magazine have launched a new website, which provides full online details of Grand Cayman restaurants.

“The Cayman Good Taste website not only lists restaurant details, but provides locals and tourists with information on special offers, events, news and features related to food and wine,’ said Charles Grover, publishing director at Acorn Publishing. ‘The website also includes a unique restaurant menu search capability, which we think our readers will love to use. It gives people the ability to search restaurant menus for their favourite food and gives the price.”

In a press release Mr. Grover said the Department of Tourism uses Good Taste to promote the Cayman Islands as the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

Marcus Repp, Food and Beverage director at the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa, said promoting Casa Havana in the Good Taste magazine has doubled his business from residents this year and having this information available online ensures that the restaurant will also tap into the growing internet market.

Research carried out by Acorn Publishing showed that people also like to find where their favourite food is being served, which is why it built an intelligent menu search option into the website.

“The menu search is great. If I’m in the mood for foie gras I can find which restaurants have it on the menu and how much it costs,’ said Vijay Dharman, Food and Beverage director at the Marriott Beach Resort. ‘I have never seen this capability on any restaurant website before and think that the Good Taste website is even better than the magazine”.

Frank Fleiger, co-owner of the Copper Falls Steakhouse, said “I was really surprised when I used the menu search. I typed in steak and it displayed all the different types of steak like ribeye, fillet mignon, porterhouse, New York strip, and more. I was really impressed.”

Joanna Boxall, owner of Acorn Publishing, said the website has been designed to be a portal for all things related to food and wine and not just a static list of restaurants.

“We will keep our readers constantly updated with restaurant news, reviews and also food and wine related offers and events. It doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or are looking for the latest offer, the Cayman Good Taste website really is the most informative food and wine related website in Cayman.”

Nick Ward, Jacques Scott’s financial director, adds his support.

“When I first saw this site I was really impressed. We really believe more and more people are looking online for this type of information and we intend to promote our wine offers on the Good Taste site. It’s great to see such a professional looking website in Cayman”.

When asked about the future success of the Cayman Good Taste website, Charles Grover said, “We have spent a lot of time and money ensuring that the three critical success factors for any new website have been achieved. Firstly people need to know about the site. We are already receiving about 1,000 visitors a week and this is before any significant marketing, so we expect this figure to increase hugely in the near future. Secondly the site needs to be easy to navigate and attractive to the eye. Feedback so far indicates that we have more than achieved this. And thirdly the information needs to be kept up to date. This is the hardest to achieve, but as the publishers of Cayman’s only restaurant guide we have access to the most up-to-date information. We also give the restaurant managers the ability to change their own information and to update their menus whenever they want to. The result is that the Cayman Good Taste website is the most up to date and comprehensive website for restaurants in Grand Cayman available today.’

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