Youth pages launched

Youth-hosted Radio Cayman show YouthFlex is helping launch CayYoung in the Caymanian Compass.

YouthFlex, a radio show coordinated by James Myles, has been broadcasting for nearly five years. Their 16th season began 7 June and promises to be full of exciting topics and guests.

‘This season will see many of the highest level guests in the line up,’ said Mr. Myles. ‘The season opened with Mrs. Estella Scott-Roberts and rising basketball star Cassianne Lawrence and will feature the Governor, ministers McLaughlin and Eden and Chairman of the National Youth Commission and Director of Sports Mr. Carl Brown.’

YouthFlex is branching into other media as well, with the launch of a new website.

‘We would be launching our new website this season as well so you all can look for by August, God willing,’ said Mr. Myles.

The Caymanian Compass will publish a two-page spread each Tuesday, beginning today, which will focus on Cayman’s youth and each Wednesday’s YouthFlex topic.

The spread will include an advice column for youth, information about the week’s radio show and a talent showcase.

The two pages will be written primarily by young people.

‘We are really excited about this,’ said Mr. Myles. ‘There has been a family created around this radio show and everyone will get to know them through the youth page in the Caymanian Compass and on the website.’

The potential for growth of the pages is also encouraging.

‘We’d love for the pages to grow and expand over time,’ said Cayman Free Press and Caymanian Compass Editor Tammie Chisholm. ‘We’re really excited about this project.’

The pages will encourage involvement from youth in the form of letters and creative projects being sent in for the advice column, the talent showcases and letters providing feedback.

Youth feedback will be a vital part of this project, said Mr. Myles.

‘You can also be a part of the Youth Flex experience by calling in on Wednesdays 4-5pm on 2-800-949-7799. The lines are always open and they provide you with a microphone to express yourself.’

To get in touch with the newspaper for the YouthFlex pages, email [email protected].

See CayYoung today on pages 14 and 15.

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