Cayman people answer the call

Frank Flowers wasn’t sure if his annual sea swim was worth the effort. After 13 previous races, he was having doubts about whether or not he should keep it alive put it to bed forever. Flowers set a lofty goal of 500 registered swimmers to be the measure of his race’s worth. If less than 500 showed, he promised to pull the plug and be content with his memories.

After Saturday, the Flowers Sea Swim has never been more secure. Mr. Flowers received a thundering vote of support for his race from the Cayman Islands community as more than 500 swimmers registered. Additionally, a large number of participants walked the beach.

Local youth star Brett Fraser ripped home first in 19 minutes 11 seconds. He was followed by Joel Rumbogh, also a Cayman junior standout athlete (19:20). Cayman Islands Olympian Andrew Mackay was third (19:26). Francisco Picasso, a visiting Olympian from overseas, was fourth (19:29).

Caymanian Olympian Heather Roffey was 7th overall and the first female finisher. Brigitte Tomascik was second (21:25) and Jennifer Powell was third (21:27).

The money raised by the 2006 Flowers One Mile Sea Swim will go to Habitat for Humanity Cayman.

Race Director Dara Flowers was overjoyed with the big turnout.

‘I’m so happy,’ she said. ‘It was such a great turnout and everyone had a good time. It was awesome.’

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