Poll: hurricane anxiety high

Nearly 70 per cent of respondents of the latest caycompass.com online poll said they are apprehensive or very apprehensive about this year’s hurricane season.

Of the 237 respondents to the poll, 91 (38.4 per cent) said they were very apprehensive.

‘The predictions do not look good,’ said one person.

‘I lost everything in Hurricane Ivan (by my standards, my insurance adjustor’s views notwithstanding) and I don’t want to be there again,’ said someone else.

Another person reported having three dreams about a hurricane heading to Cayman.

Others are very apprehensive because they have more to lose now.

‘I have a six-month-old child; things are different.’

Another 72 people (30.4 per cent) said they were apprehensive, but less so than last year.

‘With global warming on the rise, we should always be prepared,’ said one respondent.

Several respondents commented on preparedness.

‘I’m better prepared, and almost recovered from Ivan, so I’m less apprehensive than last year,’ said one person.

Of the rest of the respondents, 53 (22.4 per cent) said they were about as apprehensive as pre-Hurricane Ivan years and six (2.5 per cent) said they were less apprehensive than pre-Ivan years.

‘I’m not very worried,’ said one person. ‘I lost everything once, yet I’m still here. Material objects don’t dictate whether you live or die.’

‘I’m now prepared for the worst,’ said another person.

The hurricane season seemed to take 15 respondents (6.3 per cent) by surprise; they answered ‘It’s hurricane season already’ in response to the poll.

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