New team burns rubber on the track scene

A new, local track and field team is making quite a name for itself.

The Mustang Track Club (MTC) is in its first season in operation and has amassed quite impressive accomplishments.

Through all its competitions, the club has won 23 medals including 9 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze along with the breaking of 2 records at the Baytaff Classic Meet in Tampa, Fl.

Four of its athletes are ranked in the top ten in the USA Youth Ranking System. Travis Webb is #3 in high jump; Ashleigh Nalty is #2 in the high jump; Chantelle Morrison is #5 in the 100m and Justin Nalty is #18 in the 200m.

The ranking system is based on all the athletes who perform in the USA over the 2006 period. All of those aforementioned athletes have been named to All-American teams as well for 2006.

‘[The MTC] is necessary because we help the young ones not only to unlock their full potential in track and field but we also teach them discipline from a very early age,’ says Team coach of the Mustang Track Club Tyrone Yen.

Coach Yen was able to share some details on the identity of the MTC.

‘The purpose of the MTC is to identify, develop and promote track and field in the Cayman Islands. The goals of the club are to create a system in the Cayman Islands where track and field will become the ultimate sport here and produce top class athletes both locally, regionally and internationally.’

Coach Yen was also able to reveal the instrumental role other local sporting authorities had in the formation of the club.

‘The idea [behind forming the club] came about through the Cayman Islands Athletic Association. In past years clubs have emerged every so often, only to not continue mainly because of not enough dedicated people or for other reasons.

‘But, as you can see in every other sport (for example football and cricket) there is a club system. This promotes a healthy rivalry amongst the youth of the Cayman Islands and follows internationally.’

Coach Yen went on to discuss the people who played prominent parts in the development phase of the group.

‘The present executive members were all instrumental in the forming of the MTC namely Ms. Sana Tugman, Ms. Lanisia Barnes, Mrs Bridgett Myers, Mr. Paul Holness and myself to name a few.’

Coach Yen also revealed what other events the club will be competing in for the future.

‘This year we have 2 more meets that we are looking at, namely the American Athletic Union (AAU) National Championship on 22 June. If they are successful in their qualifying round they will move on to the AAU Junior Olympics in July in Norfolk, Virginia.’

Currently the team is holding training sessions four days a week at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex. Coach Yen was very open about his opinions on the future of Cayman track and field. ‘The future looks good as long as we all work together. We being the clubs, coaches, the association and of course the government and the private sector which play a huge role. With this present crop of youngsters in the sport, Cayman should be benefiting in the near future.’

Persons interested in getting involved with the club can attend meetings held twice a month at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex and fill out a member registration form. Coach Yen wanted to make special mention of the numerous sponsors that stepped forward to help make the organization a reality.

‘In closing, I would just like to thank the many businesses who have contributed not only to the MTC but to track and field on a whole in Cayman. I can assure you your contributions are very well spent as we look forward to the future of track and field in these islands.’

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