Born Innit, explores spirit, birth, environment

Visual artist Gordon Solomon’s latest solo show is scheduled to open at Full of Beans, Friday, 7 July.

The exhibition, Born Innit, explores a number of themes close to the artist’s heart, including birth, spirituality and the environment.

‘I have been very much influenced by my son who is due to be born shortly,’ Mr. Solomon said. ‘It has inspired me to talk about birth and spirituality through my art, but it has also made me reminisce about my own past; as a youth, places I was raised, people who have influenced me.’

The artist said that the show will include up to 12 new artworks painted in oils, a medium which, Mr. Solomon said, allows him to express himself better.

A full-time professional artist for the past 12 years and an active member of Native Sons, Mr. Solomon has been busy working on the show for the past month.

A prolific artist who has established himself as an important member of Cayman’s ever developing art’s scene, Mr. Solomon has always had a passion for art, studying at the International Fine Art College in Miami and the University of Superior Art, Cuba. In 2002 he was named recipient of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation Artistic Endeavour Award.

The artist’s work is currently on display at group exhibition Grounded at the Ritz-Carlton, where, Mr. Solomon said, his work has already proved popular, selling a number of pieces to foreign travellers and residents in Cayman.

His work can also be viewed at the McCoy Prize exhibition at the National Museum Support Facility, Passadora Place – on show until 28 July – and at Morgan’s Gallery, Galleria Plaza on West Bay Road.

Commenting on the show, the artist said: ‘I really want to encourage new art collectors to visit the exhibition. All artwork will be for sale at $2,000 or less.’

He also stressed that although his work is on show at a number of other venues, the artwork for Born Innit will be very different.

‘Every show is different. The only common thread is my brush and spirit.’

The exhibition opens at 7pm and all are invited to attend. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served courtesy of Full of Beans. The artist’s work can also be viewed at his home-studio. Call 927-0536 for further information.

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