Clerk of Court is Acting Magistrate

Clerk of Court Valdis Foldats has been Acting Magistrate this week, in part because all three magistrates have been serving in Grand Court.

On Wednesday, Mr. Foldats had more than 44 defendants appear before him. Most cases were adjourned, but he did finalise several.

He fined traffic violators who pleaded guilty, sentenced one man for a ganja offence and discharged another man who had completed an anti-domestic violence programme.

On Monday and Wednesday afternoon, was scheduled to deal with two trial matters.

Thursday’s lists indicated that he would be dealing with at least 33 defendants.

Mr. Foldats’ legal training and previous experience was in Canada. He has worked in Cayman’s judicial system since 1999.

Meanwhile, Acting Justice Mrs. Margaret Ramsay-Hale has been presiding over a rape trial in which the defendant chose to be tried by judge alone.

Acting Justice Ms Nova Hall dealt with two Grand Court matters on Monday and was scheduled to resume a part-heard trial yesterday and today.

On Wednesday, back in Summary Court, she began a long-form preliminary inquiry into charges arising from the robbery at Cayman National Bank in West Bay on 10 March.

Acting Justice Mrs. Grace Donalds dealt with a civil case on Wednesday.

She was scheduled to sit as Queen’s Coroner for an inquest yesterday.

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