Driving like an idiot

This is an open letter to the driver of the blue car travelling on Linford Pierson Highway at 9 pm on Tuesday night.

The road was clear and dry, and I was moving at 37mph. You still have not worked out why I turned on my hazard lights, have you? The reason was you, idiot!

You were driving so close behind me that I could not see your headlights. I could not brake or slow down, or you would have been in my passenger seat. The only thing I could think of was to turn on the hazard lights – you were the hazard.

It worked for about a quarter of a mile, then you were right up behind me again. You were not trying to overtake or show off, just moving along. When will you and other reckless drivers learn? I care about my life and car, and idiots like you threaten all of us. Please take driving lessons and learn how to judge a safe distance, you clearly need to.

Francis Buchanan

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