Today’s Editorial June 28: When we communicate

It’s amazing what can occur when we all come to the table willing to communicate.

Just take a look at what transpired last week when dms Broadcasting and the head of the Cayman Musicians and Entertainers Association sat down and talked.

The talk was necessary because there has been too much sniping about the issue of local music not being played on local radio stations.

Radio stations should play good local music. In days gone by that’s the only way musicians anywhere got their records sold; by convincing a disc jockey to play their records.

They met to discuss a quota for local music on Cayman radio stations.

What they came away with was more than just an airplay deal; they came up with innovative ways to ensure local music gets lots of local support.

Radio station HOT 104.1 has agreed to air a weekly one-hour show devoted entirely to local music hosted by an on-air personality.

There’s a plan in the works for the advertising department at dms to offer special discounted rates to any bar or nightclub that supports local music at its establishment and dms Managing Director Don Seymour has offered to produce a local music night at a nightclub once a week.

There’s even a decent sound stage at dms where local musicians can play live for a radio audience.

Music association members will even get a primer on just how radio stations work so they can record with airplay in mind.

It’s so nice to be able to report that a positive move has been made between local radio stations and local musicians.

It was time for them all to sit down and talk instead of making assumptions based on rumour and innuendo.

The actual meeting took a mere 15 minutes. The rest of it was spent brainstorming other ways to promote local music.

The agreement between dms and CMEA is a major step in resolving differences between Cayman musicians and radio broadcasters over the airplay of local music.

All it took was open minds and the desire to sit down at the table and come up with a solution that is beneficial to all.

Just imagine how well all hot-button issues could be resolved if the major players would all just learn to communicate.

We look forward to listening to HOT 104.1 as it plays and encourages local music.

Kudos to Mr. Seymour, his staff at dms and members of the Cayman Musicians and Entertainers Association for coming together and working out a doable and promising solution.

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