Learn to manage waste

I am overwhelmingly relieved to read the recent articles reporting the latest discussions and initiatives to address the problem of Mount Trashmore and waste management in Cayman.

As we have read there are a number of modern and green alternatives for waste management and I hope that these are welcomed with open arms by the people of Cayman.

We have more reason that most nations to manage our waste given the small size of the island and the strong dependency upon real estate and tourism.

I have noted for some time that this newspaper regularly inserts small adverts that read: Recycle, once is not enough.

Modern society however, a victim of convenience living, needs recycling to be made easier for them.

I am a user of the can recycling skips located at the supermarkets on the island, but so much more needs to be done.

One obvious step forward would be for suppliers of disposable packaging for food to purchase biodegradable materials.

Returning to Cayman in 2005 I continued to collect, papers, cans, jars, tins, bottles, plastic containers and cardboard but with nowhere to deposit them, all went to the landfill eventually.

I urge the implementation of major campaign for recycling, which would be incentivised by garbage fees.

Before that however, we can all play a part in minimising the waste that we generate in the first place. Please pass this message on for the good of us all.

L Bowyer

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