Short list for new UCCI boss

Interviews of a short list of applicants to replace retiring University College of the Cayman Islands president Sam Basdeo will take place next week, Chairman of the Board Danny Scott said Wednesday.

The short-listed applicants include one local person and three from overseas. The overseas candidates all come from either the United States or Canada, Mr. Scott said.

Mr. Basdeo is scheduled to retire at the end of July, but depending on the selection of his replacement, that might not happen, Mr. Scott said.

‘[The retirement date] is a moving target right now,’ he said. ‘I’m not going to allow him to leave until we have his replacement in place.’

Mr. Scott said that if one of the overseas candidates were chosen, it could delay Mr. Basdeo’s departure.

‘I would be tough for anyone coming to the Cayman Islands for the first time to walk into a leadership role of the institution right away,’ he said, suggestion they would be a period of transition for a newcomer to the island.

Mr. Scott said it was possible the replacement might take a few months to get here.

‘Each [applicant] has a different story, if you want to call it that,’ he said. ‘Each would have to give notice at their current job, make arrangements to move and so forth.’

Mr. Scott agreed that UCCI’s goal was to hire the best available candidate and then to work around the particular circumstances of that candidate.

‘We’re shooting for [the beginning of the fall term],’ he said as the time in which a new president would be in place.

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