Today’s Editorial, July 4: Dr. Lawrence will be missed

A man of great faith is leaving the Cayman Islands today.

He’s travelling back home to India where he will, in essence, be a missionary to his homeland of India from Cayman.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. P.J. Lawrence will be missed.

He’s been in the Cayman Islands working with the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for five years.

He came here from Jamaica where he arrived as a missionary from India.

For his last sermon in the Cayman Islands he chose to fill the pulpit of the William Pouchie Memorial Church where his message, delivered specifically for that congregation, applies to us all.

He told the North Side church it had been blessed beyond measure; blessed in love, giving, knowledge and faith.

That can certainly be said of the entire country.

Sure we’ve had our share of trials and tribulations.

But we are still a blessed nation.

We’ve got clean air, kind people and we’re far more developed than other countries.

The people of this country especially showed their mettle following Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 when much of Grand Cayman was devastated.

We showed then that we are a giving people as we helped brother and neighbour rebuild and cope.

Our love for one another shone through and our faith in each other and the country pulled us out of a bad situation to overcome.

Because of the tenacity of the people of this country, we’re recovering quite well and eventually will be better off than we were before the storm struck.

Dr. Lawrence’s message to the North Side congregation was like so many of his sermons; it was uplifting and offered hope for the future.

Dr. Lawrence was sent to the Cayman Islands to spread the good news.

He has grown in his faith while here and helped many just through sheer interaction believe in themselves and strive to do better.

The students who have passed through the halls of the Institute for Theological and Leadership Development, which Dr. Lawrence oversaw, have much to thank him for.

Now he’s taking the ITLD concept with him to India.

Dr. Lawrence’s ever-present joy and gentle spirit will certainly be missed in the Cayman Islands.

India is indeed receiving a blessing.