Botanical Bliss

Last week The Camera Store hosted the opening of artist Kenroy Lumsden’s latest photography exhibition, titled Botanical Bliss, a series of abstract photography depicting indigenous plant life in Cayman, a press release said.

Kenroy Lumsden and Emma Graham-Taylor

Kenroy Lumsden and Emma Graham-Taylor share a laugh next to a popular shot from the series entitled Palms.
Photo: Submitted

The Camera Store, located in George Town, is a full service duty-free camera centre and a Cathy Church Underwater Photo Gallery.

Kenroy Lumsden is a full-time photographer and artist based in Grand Cayman. He offers professional photo services for commercial and non-commercial clients and specialises in portraiture, weddings, still life and product photography.

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‘We had an excellent turnout,’ she said. ‘Clients and friends of both Kenroy and The Camera Store were very impressed with the exhibition.’

Also pleased with the turnout, Kenroy admits that he was nicely surprised at the huge popularity of his prints.

‘I know it’s a good series of work,’ he explains. ‘But I see it my way, from my own perspective. It was great to see so many people appreciate it as well.’

The series, which includes both black and white and colour images, is a conceptual collection portraying feminine and masculine sensuality.

‘They’re just leaves and trees,’ explains Kenroy. ‘But there is life behind that – there’s movement in the hard lines and gentle curves of each leaf, each tree.’

‘This is the first of many exhibitions,’ explains Ms Graham-Taylor. ‘Our goal is to support local photography. We will be hosting a new series featuring four local photographers in July.’

Kenroy’s prints will be available for sale until the end of June at The Camera Store.

For more information on The Camera Store’s exhibitions, contact Emma Graham-Taylor on 949-4551 or visit For more information on the series contact Kenroy Lumsden on 925 0496 or email [email protected]