A show with no name

Artist Prince Boyd’s latest solo exhibition is scheduled to open at Grand Old House this Saturday.

The exhibition, which the artist has chosen not to name, will include up to 50 of the artist’s paintings – although he is unsure whether there is sufficient room to exhibit all at once – in what he describes as an open exhibition.

‘The exhibition will be a variety of everything. There is no theme as I want people to be able to see a variety of my work,’ the artist explained.

Boyd said that many of the artworks are in the semi-abstract form, a favoured style in which he finds he is often able to express himself best. However, many other styles will be on display, running the gamut from landscapes, seascapes, figure art, realism and abstract artworks.

The artist said that many of the paintings to be exhibited are inspired by the history of Cayman and show the vibrant spirit of its people.

‘I believe people need to come as they will see through the artwork a part of Cayman they have not seen before,’ he said, adding that many of the paintings have a message to portray.

Asked to describe himself, Boyd said: ‘I am a modern-day storyteller. Everything I paint is real and tells a story. Some though, you really need to study the painting.’

A graphic artist by trade, Boyd paints in his spare time from his George Town studio. He works in a variety of mediums, including pastel, charcoal, oil and acrylic, all of which will be represented at his forthcoming show.

Commenting on his artwork, he said: ‘My colours are very vibrant. Most are happy, bright paintings. Many are inspired from experienced events, the environment, society and the like. No painting is like another. Each time I finish a piece it is a new experience.’

The artist trained at the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts in Jamaica where he honed his artistic talents under the guidance of mentor Alexander Cooper, a well-known Jamaican artist, who schooled him on making a replica of what is inside one’s mind.

Since arriving in Cayman six years ago he has exhibited regularly at the National Gallery and various group exhibitions, including Cayfest and [email protected]

Notable in his artwork is the artist’s use of texture, often used to depict movement.

‘I love to show movement in my paintings. I have achieved this with a technique I believe I have finally mastered,’ Boyd said.

‘I often use palette knives, sticks, forks – any tool to create the look of movement in my work.’

The show is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Cayman. Proceeds from one painting, Transformation, will be donated to the Cayman Islands Humane Society. Those interested can bid on line at [email protected]

Commenting on the show Boyd said: ‘I believe this show will be enlightening as there is something for everyone. It is going to be really exciting.’

The show opens at Saturday at 6pm and runs until 22 July. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be available. The exhibition runs until 22 July. All artwork will be for sale.