Youngsters get sea sense

Sixteen youngsters from the Cobalt Coast Sea Camp outreach program recentlyraised funds for the environment through art.

Guided by visiting marine artist, Ron Steven, commonly known as “Rogest,” youngsters created their own unique piece of marine art using the Australian Aboriginal style of dot painting.

Rogest shows off the artwork.

Rogest shows off the artwork.

Over a period of two days, the youngsters engaged in discussions of marine life to create a painting of their choice.

Students learned about marine ecology, sustainability and population diversity; aboriginal traditions, beliefs and customs; acrylic painting skills and techniques as well as the opportunity to have their work contribute to the marine environment.

Working hard, the youngsters created masterpieces made of acrylic paint, mixed with a little sea salt and Cayman sand for texture.

The outreach programme sponsored by Divetech, Cobalt Coast Boatswain’s and Rogest explore youngsters’ knowledge of the underwater world and their desire to help the environment.

Proceeds will go to the National Trust Cayman Sea Sense and Coral Reef Exploration for children Initiatives.

The Cayman Sea Sense project is a sustainable seafood education programme dedicated to helping restaurants and their customers make informed and environmentally positive seafood choices.

The paintings were auctioned off at Boatswain’s Beach to the community.