Spa considers customers’ needs

Priya’s Spa has recently changed location.

It is now located on Smith Road just before the four-way stop, sharing a building with Sprint.

However, this move is not the most major change for Priya’s Spa. Instead, the spa has set itself apart from other spas on the island by increasing its accessibility.

‘We’re located in a very central spot,’ said spa Manager Dawn Henderson. ‘And we’re open until 10pm.

‘We recognise that people want to be able to go to the spa after work to relax.’

Treatments are competitively-priced also.

‘We offer discounted packages, half price pedicure Wednesdays, and we try every month to have something on special.

‘We have a lot of clientele who just call to ask what’s on special this month and come in for these. We try to always be the spa-on-sale.’

The opening hours and budget-conscious treatments mean that business people throughout Cayman can take advantage of the spa’s services.

This worker friendly initiative came about from Ms Henderson’s initial impression of the island, having moved here after managing a spa in Toronto for seven years.

‘I expected it to be a very relaxed kind of island,’ said Ms Henderson. ‘However, it’s a bit like city life here. Once people are done with West Bay Road traffic, they come here and want to be in and out.

‘We have a really busy clientele. Some even treat having a pedicure as a chore, so we want to be able to service their needs while also providing them with a nice treatment.’

If you’re interested in finding out more information about the services Priya’s Spa offers, call 946-7121.