Cracking The Judith Code

Theatre personality Colin Wilson has once again put his playwriting skills to use.

His new play, The Judith Code, is a present day drama based on the apocryphal biblical book Judith.

‘I hope this is the play that will put me firmly on the map as a playwright,’ Colin said. ‘I believe it is the strongest one I have written to date.’

The Judith Code follows on from a string of recent successes for the budding playwright.

His first published play, Magna Carta: The Musical Trial of King John has been performed not only in Cayman by the Cayman Drama Society but also by the Plymouth Musical Theatre Company in the UK. Other success stories include Cry the Night, which has also been staged both here and in the UK.

The Judith Code will be published by the same publishing house as the above – New Theatre Productions – and Colin hopes it will attract equal interest from overseas theatre groups.

For now, it will have its official premier in Cayman on Friday, 20 October, at St. Georges Anglican Church where it will serve as a fundraiser for the re-building efforts of the church.

Although based on a religious story and staged in a church, Colin, a committee member of the Cayman Drama Society, stressed that it is not a church story.

‘It’s a dramatic thriller which simply takes its storyline from a biblical book. Although there is a religious message it is not your typical religious play and I have written it in a way that I hope will appeal to all faiths.’

Colin said that many modern-day issues are highlighted in the storyline, with references to the 9/11 atrocities and last year’s London bombings. It is also a tale of love, honesty and faith in God.

The story of Judith is well-known and tells the story of how, in a grave crisis, God delivered the Jewish people through the actions of a woman named Judith.

Originally called Judith, New Theatre Productions changed the name to The Judith Code, citing that it would help attract more interest following the current hype surrounding Dan Brown’s fictional novel The Da Vinci Code.

The idea for the play came through a close friend named Dody Denman. On a trip to Holland Dody recalled to Colin how she had seen a statue of Judith who is often revered as a saint. Fascinated by the story of Judith she suggested to Colin that it might make for an interesting play.

That was just 18 months ago and already a publishing date has been confirmed for August. Interest has already come from an agent requesting a film script – something which Colin is busy working on.

The local playwright isn’t the first to do a play based on the apocryphal biblical book Judith. However, he says he is the first to have modernised it.

‘It is a totally different concept,’ Colin explained.

The play, which has a cast of eight, will include one piece of music, Hear, O Lord, the Sound of My Call, which is planned to be performed by the St. Georges Anglican Church choir alongside Deon Mattis who has already been cast for the role of Judith.

Is Colin ready to rest on his laurels? Definitely not he quips, adding that he is already mulling over a number of further storylines for future plays in the offing, one a further biblical story on the disciple Matthias.


A small number of roles for The Judith Code are yet to be cast. Auditions are scheduled to be held Wednesday, 19 July at St. Georges Anglican Church at 7pm.


Performance dates are 20, 21, 27, 28 and 29 October, 7.30pm at the St. Georges Anglican Church. Ticket details to be confirmed.