Haiti needs solid police

I think that the very first step in rebuilding Haiti is to put down the level of violence and insecurity.

In order to do that, we need a solid body of police.

To have a solid body of police force, we need to educate them in human rights so they won’t be monsters like those we had in the past.

The government would pay them a reasonable salary to meet their everyday needs, including the needs of their families.

That would help to keep them away from corruption. The government also should construct a huge building unit for them to help them shape up under civilian supervision.

We can also seek the help of some friendly countries in order to train those polices officers.

Upon the accomplishment of their training, they will be deployed to different communities in a constant rotation so they know they have a job to do. And civilians should be at every command post where they are to be deployed.

Well, this is just an idea as I was reading about the recent news about my people in Haiti.

My country and my people shall rise up from the ashes, God willing!

Joab Sanon