Law firm boosts CICC

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre is pleased to be providing new educational material to the community thanks to the support of law firm Quin & Hampson.

Five thousand brochures titled How Children are Affected by Domestic Abuse have been produced and are being made available to various government agencies and community organisations, said a CICC press release.

The brochure aims to shine light on the fact that children are also victims of violence in the home and that parents and family members – even the adult victim – are responsible for the safety of the children.

Every child deserves a life free of violence and children who grow up in abusive homes are significantly impacted emotionally and mentally, the release said. Effects can be seen in children of all ages.

Many times children blame themselves for the violence; they have sleep difficulties and can regress to an earlier stage of development. As children get older they may be aggressive, experience post traumatic stress disorder, become bullies, have a weakened self esteem and stress-related illnesses. Into adolescence, children may begin experimentation with drugs or alcohol, unsafe sexual activity and may themselves get into violent dating relationships.

Domestic abuse is an intergenerational problem – children learn what they live and when children exist in abusive households where they hear and/or see violence taking place they learn from a very early age that violence is a way of communicating, getting what you want and having control, the release noted.

Today’s children growing up in violent homes may be tomorrow’s prison inmates as a great majority of violent criminals were raised in abusive homes.

The brochure contains information on the effects of domestic abuse on children and facts and information on how to help your child.

The CICC’s 24-hour crisis line is also printed on the brochure along with a section devoted to children’s rights.

‘Quin & Hampson is pleased to support the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre in their efforts to increase awareness about the effects of domestic violence on children,’ said Sheena Thompson of Quin & Hampson. ‘It is an important and sensitive issue and we applaud the Centre for its efforts.’

FirstCaribbran International Bank has joined Quin & Hampson and has sponsored a brochure on Dating Abuse, Everything Teens Should Know about Abusive Relationships. This brochure is also now available to the public.

CICC Executive Director, Estella Scott Roberts is encouraging other companies and members of the corporate community to support this important community education initiative, noting that it is a great way for companies to see exactly how their funds are used while showing the community that they care. The logos of sponsors are placed on the front and back panels of the brochures for extra visibility.

The cost of sponsorship for the educational brochures is CI$2200. For a list of brochures for sponsorship and to find out more about other sponsorship opportunities such as: sponsoring CICC’s newsletter, webpage and adopt-the-centre for a month campaign contact the CICC on 949-0366 or by email, [email protected]. These and other brochures can be made available by contacting the Crisis Centre. The CICC is a charitable company and relies on the community for continued support.