Today’s Editorial, July 17: True heroes rescued boys

The rescue of two boys swept into the sea at Pedro Castle recently was nothing short of miraculous.

And it involved many heroes who didn’t get named.

One of them was Mark Luke.

He set concerns for his own safety aside and took a risk to make sure that two young boys didn’t lose their lives.

He was one of many who pitched in to the effort to bring these children to safety.

The staff at Pedro St. James is also to be commended for their quick actions in helping save the boys and following up with the family the next day to ensure the boys were OK.

The effort by everyone involved in the rescue is proof that the Cayman Islands is indeed a loving and caring society and that the people who live here have big, selfless hearts.

That family from Missouri has much to be thankful for.

Because of the actions of those named and unnamed, the boys’ lives were spared and the family was able to return to their home in the United States as a cohesive unit.

Theirs will be a story that is surely to be repeated time and again.

Happily it is a tale that comes to a fortunate end.

If the staff at Pedro, the police, fire services, Harbour Patrol, Cayman Helicopter and others had not reacted so quickly and heroically the story could have ended on a very tragic note.

But instead the Sandhu family can now spread the message to their family and friends back in the States about this genteel country where the people who make up the Cayman Islands fabric are willing to risk life and limb to save strangers.

The rescue was a testament to the training of our marine officers, firefighters and others.

Everyone who had a hand in the rescue is to be commended.

Thanks to all of you this family will truly have something to be thankful for when celebrating Thanksgiving in November.