Poll: Most people fly with CAL

Nearly 40 per cent of the respondents of the latest caycompass.com online poll said they fly with Cayman Airways whenever possible, even if it is a little less convenient.

‘For better or for worse, always Cayman Airways,’ said one of the 108 people who said they fly the national airline whenever possible.

Several respondents indicated that supporting the National Flag Carrier was a matter of patriotic duty.

‘Remember (Hurricane) Ivan,’ remarked one person, referring to Cayman Airways’ efforts in evacuating tourists and residents before and immediately after the storm.

However, many people found other reasons for flying with the airline.

‘There are no better airline pilots in the world,’ said one respondent.

‘The staff is always most helpful,’ said another.

‘They have the best direct flights,’ said yet another person.

Another 75 people (26.8 per cent) out of the 280 who responded to the poll, said they fly CAL when it’s more convenient. In addition, 27 people (9.6 per cent) said they fly Cayman Airways whenever there is a big sale.

Some people had requests for the airlines.

‘We need more flights to The Sister Islands,’ said one person.

‘I wish that Cayman Airways would open up its Boston route all year long,’ said another respondent. ‘Even once a week would be great.’

Not everyone was happy with the airline. 47 people (16.8 per cent) said they would only fly Cayman Airways if there were no real choice, and 23 people (8.2 per cent) said they would never fly with CAL.

‘My biggest problem with Cayman Airways is that their counter staff does not seem to know what they’re doing,’ said one person. ‘They’ll tell you anything, even if it’s wrong, to move you along.’

‘The only time I have had troubles with airlines and baggage theft/delays/rude service has been with Cayman Airways,’ said another person.

‘No direct flights to my most frequent destination and it’s costlier to make connections,’ said a respondent.

‘American Airlines is always the better choice,’ said someone else. ‘CAL is just one big money loser. When will the Government realise they’ll never break even and call it a day?’