Bank employees volunteer for recovery

Employees of Goldman Sachs marked their third community day for the year on Saturday, 9 July by providing manpower to assist the National Recovery Fund in completing one of the houses that it has recently repaired.

Goldman Sachs Niamh Hutchinson pitches in.

Goldman Sachs Niamh Hutchinson pitches in. Photo: Submitted

Eight members of Goldman Sachs met at the home of Louise McLean in West Bay and began the day’s works of painting the inside and outside of the house. Ms McLean’s North West Point residence has recently been repaired by the NRF and is ready for electrical work, plumbing and painting, said a NRF press release.

This volunteer labour is being completed as a second tier to what Niamh Hutchinson, Senior Fund Accountant/Vice President at Goldman Sachs (Cayman) calls ‘360 degrees of backing for worthy causes.’ The first tier of support was a generous donation of $250,000 that Goldman Sachs made to the recovery fund last November.

‘When Ms Stacy Foster called us up and asked if there were any jobs that could be completed or at least set well on the way to completion within a day, Ms McLean’s house was the first job that came to mind,’ said Aileen Samuel, NRF’s Special Project’s Officer.

‘We are more than happy with the remarkable job the team did in painting the house, and in so doing, to move the homeowner closer to returning to her own home. Their kind of contribution is priceless.’

Goldman Sachs is a leading investment banking corporation which stresses teamwork and community involvement as much as customer satisfaction and the completion of daily tasks. Ms Hutchinson pointed out that the company has had a long history of community service and involvement with people outside of its business clientele.

‘It is expected that every employee designates at least one day a year to work towards improving the community. Our community days are just one of the many ways that Goldman Sachs employees fulfill our civic duties,’ she said.

Previous Community Day services that took place this year included cleaning up Heritage Beach with the National Trust and working with the Special Olympics Committee during one of their local meets.

Ms McLean was thrilled to have volunteers from the firm working on her home and even made a trip from her daughter’s house where she has been based after Hurricane Ivan to meet them.

She said that she felt very blessed to have the Goldman Sachs team at her home working to get her home ready for occupancy.

‘After two years I am quite ready to be home again. I love my grand babies to pieces but their granny needs to get back home now,’ chuckled Ms. McLean. ‘I am so pleased that the NRF has been able to help me and am very grateful to everyone who has helped me for the two years since Ivan.’

The National Recovery Fund continues its programme of rebuilding and repairing homes damaged by hurricane Ivan. Some 45 homes are slated to be rebuilt throughout Grand Cayman and another 12 are soon to be completed and handed over to homeowners in East End.