Don’t take a vacation from your health

Travel for pleasure or business is an extension of your daily life and can afford new opportunities for resolutions, change, health, relaxation and fitness.

Enjoying your vacation without gaining extra pounds is possible

Enjoying your vacation without gaining extra pounds is possible if you plan ahead to overcome common holiday challenges.

We often place limitations on ourselves – what we can or cannot do – based upon the environment we find ourselves in.

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A struggle may occur in our minds as we embark for new destinations, especially for vacation purposes. After all, isn’t vacation all about relaxing, fun, indulgences and taking a break from the usual day-to-day routine?

Unfortunately, many succumb too deeply to the good life with the end result of added pounds and increased displeasure with self. What is your usual attitude as you prepare for travel and vacation?

Here are some challenges many face when traveling or on vacation.

Lack of motivation to exercise

Exotic, abundant foods

Inclement weather

Too little time

Break of routine

Overdoing cocktails

Weakened resolve

Party attitude

Menu controlled by others

Uncooperative partner

Here are some challenges a traveling partner may present to you:

Likes to skip meals

Eats too often

Requests high-calorie foods

Can eat what he wants

Snacks on food you’d rather avoid

Too many cocktails

Too sedentary

Uninterested in fitness

Here are some lifestyle tips to help you enjoy vacation without gaining added pounds.

Packing for Success: Lifestyle change includes continuing healthy practices when traveling. In preparing for vacation or travel, what are some key supports you will bring? (walking/running shoes; swimwear; tennis racke; biking gear; snorkel gear; walkman; golf clubs; ski; leg/arm weights; dive gear; gym attire

While traveling: Resolutions can be made and/or broken even in flight to your destination. Some of the challenges we face while en route to our destination include lack of good food and regular meals, drinking alcohol, a drastic decrease in water consumption, sitting too long, breathing recycled air and jet lag.

Upon arrival, our bodies can feel very toxic and very tired. Here are some lifestyle tips for recovering from travel upon arrival.

Drink Plenty of Water

Shower and change clothes or, better yet, get some physical activity

Take a gentle walk or wade into the swimming pool

The challenges we face, whether staying in a hotel, private home or all inclusive resort are surmountable with the right attitude. Taking the ‘feast or famine’ viewpoint (while in Miami I’ve got to eat at all those restaurants!) is a self-indulgent attitude that is common. Maybe it’s time to change that approach to food.

Imagination how you want to be at the end of your vacation.

Maybe you want to be tanned, fit, relaxed and healthy, glowing with good health, slimmer! Think it, see it and become it.

And all is not lost if you do overindulge during the summer vacations. Lifestyles workshops, at-work programs, private consultations and courses resume again in the fall to help you get prepared for Christmas.

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