Fundraiser earns over CI$16,000 for boxer

A fundraiser held last Saturday raised a lot of money for a local boxer.

According to event organisers, over CI$16,000 was raised at the cook-out. The event, held at Mirco Centre car park in front of Reflections, was in aid of Charles Whittaker. The fundraiser was set-up to collect funds for Whittaker to defend his World Boxing Council (WBC) title on 12 August.

‘We raised over CI$16,000. Some people bought dinners and made additional donations as well,’ says event coordinator and HOT 104.1FM on-air personality Sandra Catron.

The fundraiser saw some 150 people come out to show their support. Food went on-sale from 12:30pm and prices were $10 for various types of chicken or oxtail or fish and $12 for ribs. All meals came with a choice of 3 side dishes including Cole-slaw, green banana, and plantain. Drinks and heavy cakes were also on-sale.

Aside from the food, attendees also experienced a festive, family atmosphere. HOT 104.1 FM blazed popular soca and calypso songs of today and yesteryear all day long. Ms. Catron conducted interviews from time and people had a chance to speak with Charles one-on-one

In addition, Reflections gave-away various prizes at the end of the cook-out. Tia Whittaker was the big winner at the event, getting two tickets to Cayman Brac.

Ms. Catron took time to comment on the level of success the fundraiser had.

‘I believe the event was incredibly successful. It brought a lot of attention to the plight of one of our leading athletes. It proved that despite obstacles that he may be facing, the Caymanian people are fully behind him and really want him to succeed,’ she said.

Ms. Catron also noted that due to the large turn-out for the event, she is thinking of hosting a similar fundraiser in the future.

Ms. Catron went on to discuss why people should get involved with future fundraisers and continue their support for Charles.

‘Charles Whittaker is an example of a young man who is struggling to achieve a dream that collectively we all want him to succeed with. I think that most people can relate to that on one level or another. It’s really about helping each other out.

‘A lot of people have come together and are working tirelessly to make the fight on the 12th a success. I would invite all persons to support Charles in one way or another by purchasing a ticket or making a donation if possible,’ she said.