Dig for gold this Saturday

Calico Jacks Bar & Grill are encouraging all to join in a fun-filled dig for buried treasure, in aid of the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund.

The family-fun event, slated to take place, Saturday, 22 July, from noon to 6pm, will feature a charitable dig for a vast array of prize winning coins.

Dig for Gold will feature ten, ten foot by ten foot plots, each sectioned off in-front of the popular beach bar. In each section, buried in the sand, will be approximately 20 coins. Each coin will have a number which will correspond to a prize.

Participants will have 90 seconds to dig for the buried treasure. Each dig costs $20, shovels will be provided, with all proceeds raised going to the NRF.

Commenting on the novel fundraising idea, Todd Paidel, Calico Jacks manager, said: ‘We actually came up with the idea a couple of months ago with Cayman Distributors. We wanted to hold a fun fundraising event.

‘We always try to raise money for local charity’s and come up with different and creative ways.’

Prizes range from dinner vouchers at local restaurants, airline tickets with Cayman Airways, resort stays, a plasma TV, jewellery and free drinks.

Calico Jacks are encouraging local companies to support the event by buying multiple digs to hand out to their employees for $200 for 12.

The beach bar has become well known for its fundraising efforts. Over the last year they have been supporting the Leo Club – a service club and youth arm of The Lions Club – in their fundraising efforts to re-build the cabanas on West Bay Road Public Beach, which were destroyed in hurricane Ivan – a devastating storm that hit in 2004. The beach bar has been raising funds through monthly full moon parties and a variety of other events.

Calico Jacks, located on Public Beach, will be donating to the NRF for the first time. Commenting on the reasons behind the choice of charity, Mr. Paidel said: ‘It’s insane that two years on from Ivan people are still without homes. It’s ridiculous. We decided we wanted to do something to help.’

He added: ‘If you think of the right ideas and fun stuff to do, it’s possible to raise money and help local charities.’

The event is planned as a family fun day and will feature a beach BBQ. A local DJ will be on hand spinning the tunes after 6pm.

‘We really hope people, both young and old, come out and support the event. It should be great fun,’ Mr. Paidel said.