Guide caters to workers

A new restaurant guide is out that caters to office workers.

Food By Phone offers a handy guide to all restaurants that deliver breakfast and lunch to offices.

‘There is a wide variety of menus to choose from and each restaurant menu lists the time, minimum delivery order and the area that they deliver to, making it a must-have book,’ stated a press release.

‘Food By phone eliminates old menus, flyers, faxed menus and messy papers. Next time you want to order in at the office flick through the convenient guide and choose from salads, sandwiches, hot dishes and pizzas, to state a few.’

The restaurants listed are: Bacchus, Old English Bakery, Maedac, Berried Treasure, Arthur’s Treachers, Gino’s Pizza and Icoa.

Food By Phone also lists restaurants that to business meetings and the menus on offer.

Other advertisers are businesses that cater to the corporate sector and deliver.

The guide is put together by Icoa Fine Foods.

If you would like a copy of Food By Phone call Icoa at 945-1915 or email them at [email protected]