Punish sex offenders

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Edna Moyle for spearheading the move to identify sex offenders in the neighbourhoods where they reside.

I think that this is something that is long overdue.

But I would also like to hear some feedback from the public, as to forms of punishment that should be put in place for adults that rape children or rape in general.

I heard of an incident that took place just last week that involved a father raping a four-year-old daughter. To me there should be a much harsher form of punishment for this type of offence. The following are a few suggestions that I think would be appropriate:

To reinstitute the Catonine of so many lashes.

To display these sex offenders publicly under guard, in each district, as they did in olden days.

I do not think I am going too far by also suggesting that these offenders should know in advance that they would be castrated once they are emphatically proven guilty of the crime.

Once these offenders have served their term of punishment they would have implanted tracking devises installed so that they can be monitored very closely. School areas would
be an out of bounds area for them to traverse.

I think that just placing these sex offenders in Northward to serve time only is a crime in itself.

The offenders must know in advance of them committing these crimes, that when caught, there will be a penalty that involves them feeling pain the same way they have inflicted pain on these helpless children, who will usually end up having mental problems for the rest of their lives or become sex offenders themselves.

I look forward to hearing the public’s comments on this very serious topic that has usually been dealt far too casually.C

Chris Barrell