Get hair health-savvy with the Silver Salon

This is about to give you all just what you were hoping for – an excuse to go and treat yourself to a deep conditioning hair treatment.

It’s not just any excuse, however.

Looking after your hair is very important. Your hair not only looks good but protects your scalp from infection, toxins and sun and to keep our heads warm in cool temperatures, and vice versa.

If we ill-treat our hair, we will undoubtedly see the effects – frizzy, dried-out strands, uncontrollable curls and even possible thinning or shedding of excessive amounts of hair.

A deep conditioning treatment – which at the Silver Salon also includes a scalp massage – can help to combat these possible effects of daily living.

Jennie Davies, senior hair designer at the salon, advises everyone to deeply condition their hair at least once a week.

‘It injects a lot of moisture, which is often drained from hair in styling and everyday activities,’ she explained.

If you can’t afford a deep conditioning treatment at the salon every week, Miss Davies recommends using a home treatment, though it is best to opt for acid-based shampoos and conditioners.

‘Alkaline strips layers of your hair, and acid will help to combat this stripping,’ said Miss Davies. ‘Acid is, however, better for coarser hair, and alkaline is better for finer hair.’

Frizziness and drying of hair occurs when the cuticle of the hair is roughened and pushed up by heat or styling.

Conditioning and brushing hair smooths the cuticle, giving a shinier appearance.

Miss Davies also mentioned that silicone-based shampoos are not the best to use for your hair.

‘Shampoos like Pantene or other silicone-based formulas are not the best for your hair. People like them because they are cheap and seem to smooth hair but they are not really helping the hair,’ she said.

‘Try not to buy hair products in the supermarket,’ she also advised. ‘Go to a professional who can suggest better quality products specific to your hair.’

Any head massage that you may receive in a deep conditioning treatment or give yourself at home also can help your hair’s health.

‘f you have dry hair, more pressure is used as this opens up the sebaceous glands, which release the hair’s natural oils,’ Miss Davies explained.

‘Obviously if you have greasier hair, less pressure would be used.

‘It is the same with water temperature. You wouldn’t use very hot water on someone with oily hair.’

And for those of you hated your last haircut, a massage may also solve your problems.

‘All massage stimulates blood flow,’ said Miss Davies. ‘If you massage your head, you stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which helps in hair growth.’

To head down to the Silver Salon for a deep conditioning treatment or any of their other services, call 815-6906 or visit them inside the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Jennie Davies, senior hair designer at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

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