Probation Aftercare Services aids Sister Islands

The Probation Aftercare Unit established office in Cayman Brac for the first time in September 2005.

Prior to this, staff from the Department of Children and Family Services provided the Probation and Parole Services required.

Based on the specific focus of Probation and Parole services, with a focus on adults (17 and older) the necessity for a full time Probation Officer was essential in ensuring that these specific needs for the Sister Islands were met.

Today Probation Officer, Mrs. Alicia Roach ensures that daily Probation and Parole Services are offered to the Sister Islands.

Mrs. Roach plays an active role with the courts in Cayman Brac, providing risk assessments and pre-sentencing reports to the magistrates and also supervising persons on community-based court orders, such as Probation Orders, Community Service Orders and Attendance Orders.

Further to this, supervision is also provided to persons on parole licenses, education and rehabilitation groups are organized and facilitated and a close collaborative approach is taken with other agencies to ensure that the needs of persons are met.

The Probation Unit affirms that importance of value that should guide its work by treating all clients fairly and with respect.

It aims to empower and motivate clients to redefine their goals and has a strong belief that people can change.

The goal of the Probation Unit is to assist in reducing the likelihood of further offending, to rehabilitate offenders in the community and to education as a form of prevention, all of which reduce crime.

Such a major and important task demands the involvement of every citizen and organization, basically it is everybody’s business.