Students get career training

There has been a one-week session of a youth workshop taking place at Allista Towers and the Piccadilly building since 24 July in two sections; an advanced course and a regular course.

These courses are for the ages of 16-18 for the advanced and 13-15 for the regular course.

The Career Workshop is aimed at teaching the students involved good work ethics that will give them a greater chance of getting and keeping a job in the future.

The students involved enjoy games and field trips to different work places like the police station and the fire station.

They even had the chance to accompany Jamo in his quest of donating blood.

They really enjoy themselves at the workshop.

This Career Workshop is brought to us by the National Youth Commission and Mrs. Clara Smith, who has worked so hard to make this event a success.

The body of young people is split up into six groups led by many other group leaders such as Jamo and Dash from the Youth Flex crew.

The children that have taken advantage of this opportunity are being well educated with many little tips, which are vital in the working world.

The Career Workshop is coming to its end for the summer, but Career Shop 3 will be open next summer, so look out for that.

Students took part in Career Shop this summer. Photo: File

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