Alcohol rules seem silly

I was recently in a local club and I had the opportunity to witness a total of five police officers on hand to ensure that the 2am cut-off on the sale of alcohol was being observed.

Considering the fact that drunk driving and other seemingly greater threats to public order continue unchecked, five officers seems a little ridiculous.

Correct me if I am wrong, but a law that prohibits serving alcohol after 2am makes no moral or behavioral distinction about the practice of consuming alcohol, much less consuming it responsibly.

Instead, it merely designates an arbitrary time for its cessation that, if anything, forces people to hasten their consumption to get in under the proverbial wire; that is before 2am. I feel this scenario begs the following questions:

a.) what is the point of such regulation if not for moral or behavioral guidelines on the consumption of alcohol;

and b.) how should precious police resources best serve the public good? Thank you for your consideration of this inquiry.

David O’Donnell

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