Today’s Editorial, August 2: Expo keeps cash at home

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is hammering its message home at this year’s Business Expo: buy at home.

It’s an important message to get across to the people who live and work in the Cayman Islands.

If you’re one of those shoppers who would just as soon hop a plane to Miami, Tampa or New York for a buying spree, you need to go to the expo in October.

This year’s expo will focus on all the opportunities available from local retailers who offer reasonably priced items.

Gone are the days when it was difficult to find certain items for sale in the Cayman Islands. We have a plethora of retailers that offer a wide variety of goods.

And because of increasing retail competition, prices are kept down.

The cost of buying goods in the Cayman Islands will always cost more than buying items in the United States because everything here is imported, but if everyone in Cayman makes a commitment to keep as much of his or her money as possible here, it may be that we can all help each other stabilize those prices or even bring them down.

Buying locally keeps established businesses open, helps start new businesses and creates jobs for local people.

This year’s Expo will be revamped a bit to allow for a true shopping experience for visitors to the show.

It will be held only eight weeks from Christmas, so it will be a perfect opportunity for small and medium size businesses to display their wares and services and for visitors to get ideas for their wish or shopping lists.

Those who take advantage of the event will be surprised at some of the things they can find right here in Grand Cayman.

While the message of the Expo is to buy locally, it is also an opportunity for businesses to show what they have.

The Chamber of Commerce is in the process now of taking sponsorships from area businesses.

While it has its three premier sponsors, major sponsors and supporting sponsors are still being sought.

Major sponsors will get four booths to showcase their wares and supporting sponsors are guaranteed one booth, or two for a special price.

Another change at this year’s Expo will be the opening night activities. No children will be allowed on opening night because it is a night focused on conducting business.

Sponsors will be able to invite their favourite customers to join them for a white glove service evening with hors d’oeuvres and wine.

Sponsors can contact the Chamber at 949-8090 to sign up.

The Chamber is to be commended for listening to its members and past Expo visitors and tweaking the way this year’s show will be produced.

It promises to be a three-day event not to be missed.

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