C&W testing WiMAX

Cable & Wireless has created new possibilities for their customers such as sending video or multimedia messages over a variety of devices.

In an effort to reinforce their commitment to stay in the forefront, Cable & Wireless has recently been testing WiMAX, a technology for deploying wireless Broadband.

‘Because of our focus on reliability and security we have traditionally offered our Broadband services only over our fixed network technology base. However, there is now such a variety of devices that customers will be using, we intend to broaden the spectrum of our tools to be sure we can meet any need or demand,’ said Suzanne Collins, vice president of Broadband

For the 40 years Cable & Wireless has been doing business in the Cayman Islands, it has stayed abreast of changes in communication technology.

As the demand for wireless internet access increased, Cable & Wireless continually invested in WiFi and now looks forward to seeing how the test of the less established WiMAX works for a portion of their customers.

‘We have been studying and trialling different WiMAX development scenarios and strategies for a while now. We believe that the products have reached a certification, maturity and price levels for us to successfully meet the technical and commercial business requirements for our markets. WiMAX and HSDPA are now part of C&W international toolkit and we will be using them across our international businesses where appropriate,’ said Walid Bounassif, technology director for International Business.

Cable & Wireless was the first company in the Cayman Islands deploying pre-WiMAX technologies after Hurricane Ivan. The primary focus was to temporarily restore internet services to remote areas as quickly as possible.

Cable & Wireless also deployed HotSpots throughout the Cayman Islands for convenient WiFI connectivity. WiFi HotSpots are available at 19 locations across all three Islands, with new locations coming online continually. Cable & Wireless also has numerous retail outlets consisting of its own stores and partner agents that sell the broadband offerings. For a listing of convenient HotSpots locations, visit www.cw.ky/go/hotspots and for the retail locations visit www.cw.ky

C&W Broadband DSL on the fixed network offers customers such benefits as free spam and virus filter, fastest plans for the best price and 24/7 customer support. C&W’s steadfast commitment to providing the most secure and reliable internet products will continue of course and the trial of WiMAX will simply be one more technology in their sophisticated network.

The testing schedule for the investment and the introduction of WiMAX will last over a 12 month period. Meanwhile, C&W continues to maintain its position as market share leader in mobile and Internet services in the Cayman Islands.

Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. It provides voice, data and IP (Internet Protocol) services to business and residential customers, as well as services to other telecoms carriers, mobile operators and providers of content, applications and Internet services. Cable & Wireless’ principal operations are in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Panama and the Middle East.

For more information about Cable & Wireless, go to www.candw.ky

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