Taking a vacation at home

It’s tough, these days, to step back and chill out like we used to. There’s a lot going on. This little tropical island has become a buzz of activity.

Re-acquainting yourself with secrets for relaxation and rejuvenation are essential for continued health and happiness, even here in paradise.

So, if your next vacation involves time at home, here are reminders of how to ensure you relax. It’s not always easy, for, as we all know, there always seems to be something to do around the house!

Get Prepared in advance. Take care of grocery shopping, bill paying, banking, miscellaneous appointments and other ‘stuff’ before or as your vacation begins. This frees up valuable time during your days off and gives peace of mind.

Have your house-cleaning done before your vacation begins or at the en d.Otherwise, forget about it (a difficult thing for clean freaks!)

Plan to take in local ‘tourist’ activities to really put yourself in vacation mode. Become a tourist for a day or a week. Book a boat trip to Stingray City, go diving or snorkeling, plan a sunset beach walk, tour of the National Museum or drive to Rum Point. The beautiful playground of the Caribbean Sea offers numerous ways to be active or just recline in a hammock in quiet contemplation.

At home, make time for pleasurable breaks. Read interesting novels. Take an afternoon nap. Make time to sit with your spouse and watch the cricket game or movie. Putter around the garden, but only for enjoyment. Remember, this is vacation. When you do have things to attend to, slot out a specific amount of time and then resume to ‘vacation mode’. (ie. check e-mails once daily or allow yourself half a morning for odd jobs).

Spend more time outside under the stars with BBQing meals. This is more fun than being in the kitchen.

Say no to any social or business obligations that may unexpectedly appear. Setting boundaries with family and friends may be more difficult; be sure to listen to yourself and honour what you need. After all, it’s your vacation.

Part of a healthy lifestyle includes freedom from anxiety of the mind and fatigue of the body. Vacations are our opportunity to rejuvenate and regroup. Find a shady nook under a tree, sip a cool refreshing drink, and put your feet up. Take a vacation at home and let the world go by!

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