Junior Squash Camp to start soon

The local squash club has announced it will be starting a camp for youngsters this month.

The South Sound Squash Club will host the Junior Squash Camp starting 28 August. The one-week camp will be from Monday to Friday and consist of three hours of activities from 9am to noon.

The camp will be supervised by the squash club staff along with National Coach Dean Watson. In addition, a participation fee of CI$50 will be required. All young people are encouraged to attend.

The announcement of the camp comes a little more than week after Part 2 of the Squash World Challenge Series. The event was held in Cayman on 23 July 2006. It consisted of exhibition matches featuring renowned tennis pros Mark and Caroline Chaloner.

National Coach Dean Watson feels the announcement comes at the right time for Cayman squash.

‘I feel the match was able to promote the game of squash. At the same time, it showed the international standard of play possible here in Cayman. I believe now is the time to promote the juniors.’

Watson feels the exhibition match will set the stage for more international events to happen in Cayman.

‘The match was about promoting the game in the country. It also served as a motivating tool for those that already play the game.

‘We hope to get more pro matches on a regular basis. We’re currently looking at having another match at the end of September.’

Watson went on to state another goal for the club is to host international tournaments and players.

‘We will try to bring tournaments to the island on an annual basis. We want to bring down two to four pro players to play here so that they can show-off their skills.’

Watson also mentioned the club’s intentions to address the issue of female involvement in the sport.

‘I feel [Cayman squash] is in need of a girls team. There is a lack of female participation in [all] squash programmes. We are almost in desperate need of female players.

‘We will try to feature more girls playing squash right up to the pro ranks. We also hope to get more females involved through the Junior and after-school programs.’

Watson went on to say that with the pro exhibition match and the launch of the camp, the future of Cayman squash is positive.

‘The future of Cayman squash is very bright. A lot is being planned. Right now, we’re thinking of a change of structure in terms of the way squash is being organised on the island.

‘We’re also looking to improve the junior connection with the local schools. We’re trying to promote [the juniors] better through that program and the after-school program.’

For more information or to sign-up for the camp contact Dean Watson at 925-7772.

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