Today’s Editorial, August 8: Sewage problem out of hand

The fact that Government has to bail out Randyke Gardens is deplorable.

Firstly, the sewage problems at the development off Linford Pierson Highway should have never gotten so advanced.

We learned in House Finance Committee Thursday that the waste water treatment system at Randyke isn’t properly functioning and seeping raw sewage onto the property.

Speaker of the House Mrs. Edna Moyle is to be commended for bringing this problem to the forefront and calling for a review of strata laws.

The thing is, she shouldn’t have had to.

Apparently the problem with Randyke’s waste water system has been going on for quite some time and dates back to 1992.

Demands were made for the system to be repaired, but they went unheeded for one reason or another.

Now the problem has festered to the point that it’s a national public health concern.

Randyke Gardens was built long before the Linford Pierson Highway, when access was only via Crewe Road.

Now that the area around it has been developed and access is easier because of the highway, sewage problems at Randyke have the potential to affect us all.

Board members at Randyke have said the strata is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and that it has to recoup its losses before even considering ways to deal with the sewage problem.

So Government has stepped in with a $320,000 secured loan, even if a feasible repayment plan can’t be reached.

Works Minister Arden McLean said this bail out shouldn’t be considered a precedent.

We hope not.

Any other strata board that refuses to comply with safe waste water practices should be fined and, if need be, prosecuted.

Strata boards should act responsibly and see to it that waste water systems work properly.

Those who don’t are basically snubbing their noses at the rest of us.

Situations like the one at Randyke show a complete disregard for public health, not just for the residents of the strata, but for all who live on and visit the Cayman Islands.

Mrs. Moyle has requested an urgent review of strata laws as to how they address sewage systems.

Thankfully, she has the full support of those in the House Finance Committee.

She’s got our support too.

The Randyke situation is just another example of Government having to step in and fix a problem that shouldn’t have become a problem in the first place.

Strata owners owe it to everyone here to act responsibly, whether the issue is over sewage or general maintenance.

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