2nd bank named in ATM fraud

Charges of conspiracy to defraud two banks were brought to court Monday in the case of the man charged with theft via a bank’s Automatic Teller Machine.

In addition to a charge of stealing $2,500 from an account at Scotiabank, Luis Eduardo Moreno Castillo is charged with conspiring to defraud Scotiabank and Butterfield Bank, both of Grand Cayman.

Details of the charge are that Castillo, 31, conspired with Lisandro Manuel Portillo Solano and Jennsy Jesus Moreno Rodriguez between 25 June and 8 July to defraud the banks.

No sums of money were discussed in court and none was stated in the charges.

The amount relating to Scotiabank has previously been put at around $48,000. Reference to Butterfield Bank is new.

Crown Counsel Elisabeth Lees did not go into any detail when the defendant was brought before Acting Magistrate Valdis Foldats. She did, however, confirm that the Crown would not consent to having the matter tried in Summary Court.

She and Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson agreed on 30 August as the date for a preliminary inquiry, which is necessary before a matter can go before the Grand Court.

The matter would then be mentioned in the Grand Court at its next opening, which is Wednesday, 6 September.

As reported previously, the theft scheme involved the use of sophisticated electronic equipment by which bank customers’ ATM card information was illegally obtained and used.

The equipment included a small camera that allowed perpetrators to pick up the personal identification number each customer uses to start a transaction.

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