Offenders, victims need Christ

I would like to comment on Chris Barrell’s letter published 26 July.

Before I begin this letter, I want to say that I do not condone the sex offenders or what they have done.

Chris Barrell, how would you like to be whipped with the cat o’ nine tails, castrated and have a tracking device implanted in you for any sin that you commit?

A lady on the TV also suggested that they be whipped and tied out in public.

Apparently you don’t know about Psalms 51, verse 5, in which King David cried out to God when he had committed a sin with another man’s wife, ‘I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me.’

Every human being on the face of this earth is conceived in this way.

It seems that some people think that God only knows or sees things that are bought to light, but He sees and knows everything.

What those children have been through only they and God understand, but God still doesn’t hate the offenders due to the fact of what King David said.

If anyone had the love of Jesus Christ in their heart and talked to the offenders, they would realize that the offenders hurt just as much as the victims because the offenders are also human beings, especially when they have received Jesus Christ in their hearts.

Did Jesus Christ not die for those people too?
What about the parents that tell someone ‘I forgive you for killing my child?’

The suggestion that Chris Barrell thinks would be appropriate are rubbish as everyone know that they did not work in the past or else the same things would not be going on now.

There is help for the offenders and the victims, but it takes the love of Jesus Christ and the counsellor that has the love of Jesus Christ in them for both to be healed.

I know this letters sound as if I’m defending the sex offenders, but I am not for I know what I am talking about.

For years now we have been praying to God to send us someone that He chose and anointed and our prayers have been answered.

Thank God he has compassion for the offenders and the victims because He was once a victim of circumstances and cast out as far as society was concerned.

That God he is also a son of the soil and preaches nothing but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Velma Herod

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