Today’s Editorial August 18: Young drivers, please think

So the weekend is here again.

You’re young, you’ve got a great car and you look good behind the wheel.

Normally you’re a good, law abiding citizen.

But it’s possible that this weekend you’re going to have a wee bit too much to drink and fall to peer pressure to do something wrong.

And more than likely that something wrong is going to involve speeding, or even worse, racing.

Before you take that first drink, before you put that key in the ignition, please stop and think.

Think about your mom.

Think about your grandmother.

Think about your sister.

Think about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Think about your future wife.

Think about the children you’re destined to have.

Think about how you would feel if one of your precious children died in a senseless car wreck because he or she thought it was cool to race or to speed.


There’s a Letter to the Editor on page six of today’s paper from a mom who’s got a teen who is just now driving.

We feel and appreciate her anxiety.

She’s right when she says every parent has to let their child experience life on their own and that includes driving.

She, like most parents who hand over the car keys to a young person, is putting trust in her child.

It’s a trust that more than likely has been earned.

It’s also a trust that must be respected and acted upon by that young person.

Parents trust their young drivers are going to act responsibly. They trust they’re not going to drink and drive. They trust they’re not going to race or speed.

They trust their young person is going to come home safely.

They trust they’ll wake up the next morning and find their son or daughter safely tucked into bed. They trust they won’t have to make funeral arrangements.

If you are a young driver who’s looking forward to this weekend of fun and speed, stop and think.

You are a vital part of the fabric of this community.

We, as elders, expect you to be responsible and to live.

We expect you to one day take the reigns of this community either through political leadership or community involvement to make the Cayman Islands a better place for your generation and the generations to come.

We expect to see you mature and help you in your walk through life.

We want you to live.

We want you to respect your life as much as we respect you.

Before you turn that ignition key this weekend, please stop and think.

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