Reception thanks post code users

The post code is simply to help us improve on the deliver of mail in the Cayman Islands.

This was assured by Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow at a reception held at the Government House Wednesday evening.

Since the launch of the new post codes last Wednesday, Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said it has been like a roller coaster ride.

She said she never knew there were so many postal experts in the community, but in a way it was good because even negative feedback was welcome.

‘It only means that someone is paying attention and they are looking even if they have gotten it wrong,’ she said.

‘One of our challenges will be to help everybody ultimately understand the very simple message; the post code is to help us improve on the delivery of mail in the Cayman Islands.

‘The post code broken down is simply, we’ve numbered each island, each postal facility and sections of post office boxes,’ said Ms Glasgow.

‘The largest goal of any post code for any country is to help improve the efficiency of mail delivery and the whole process that takes place that helps to deliver the mail.’

Ms Glasgow said the system was in place to get mail where it needed to go a little bit faster and more efficiently.

To the Governor’s Office and all those at the reception who had already been using the new post code, Ms Glasgow thanked them for spreading the message.


The Cayman Islands Postal Service is holding a series of town hall style meetings to answer questions about the new postcode during August through October. August meetings include: Wed 23 Cayman Brac – Aston Rutty Centre, 7.30pm; and Wed 30, West Bay – John A. Cumber Primary, 7.30pm. The Postal Service will also conduct bi-weekly courses on how to properly address mail coming to, and within, the Cayman Islands. Those courses will start on Tuesday 19 September. Check the newspaper and the CIPS website for details.

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